Saturday, 27 December 2014

History is a Mystery in India

 I was pondering over this for a few days and felt that I should write a post on it. Its a universal fact that a lot of students in their school days struggled with history. Some even found it boring. Even I felt the same but my perception about history has changed over the years.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Cafe Teacher's Day

This post dosent mean to show people of different regions in bad light based on their coffee they drink, considering that people are passionate about their coffee. Rather the post is based on the ingredients used in these coffees. It also not meant to be directed against teachers and is just a light-hearted post.

      I remember how on Teacher’s Day special in school our teachers used to take the day off and the school would have a party for them from the money we used to contribute. We used to be in a real huff and puff saying that ‘Why do we have to pay for the party of people who giving us home-work’ not knowing that teachers are the real assets of our society and teaching is not kid’s play. I remember being sent on CR duty when I was in 11th Std. to handle 2nd Std. students on Teacher’s Day which I would say was a disaster. But I would say after spending so many years in school and college I have noticed that there are certain types of teachers which you can broadly classify into a few categories.

      Here I have compared the personalities of teachers with a few well known coffees based on their ingredients. This has nothing to do with the region of the coffees and neither is this to show teachers in bad light. So here they are:

Some of the names are in Portugese/Spanish
Key: Leite - Steamed Milk
Chantily – Whipped Cream for Mocha and Milk Foam for the rest
Crème – Cream
Canela – Cinnamon
Run - Rum

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Educate to Donate (or vice versa)

      In today's Indian society parents are willing to shell out money for their kid's bright future. And the educational institutions are very much ready to cash in on this opportunity.
      Whether it's Government or non-Government, the institution will make no hesitation in asking money irrespective of their accreditation and status. I remember talking to a school teacher of a well reputed Government aided school in my childhood. Me and some of my friends in our inquisitiveness asked why their school takes donations from parents to which she answered: "I know you little kids want to put everything straight and are very much aware of such things happening but, this is how the system works and nobody can challenge it" ('System' a very important word whose meaning we didn’t understand then in the closed environs of our school but has now become a staple in our day-to-day language). This teacher further pointed out that the aid they get from the authorities is totally spent in the salaries of all the teachers and non-teaching staff. There are no funds left for development, sports activities and other works. Now if this is the case with Government aided institutions then you will very much know how private institutions beat the heat. But this brings up a very important point of 'Does one evil kill another evil?'